Michael Phelps Facts

1.He was born on June 30, 1985, which makes him just 23 years old.
2.He won 38 National Titles in 2007.
3.He has set 35 World records. Five of which were set recently at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (so far as of August 14, 2008)
4.His strongest event and swimming stroke is the breast stroke(
like me!)
5.He always wears 2 swimming caps to smooth out the wrinkles from the first one.
6.Phelps is taller than the average man. He is 6 foot 4.
7.Phelps has 2 nicknames: MP and The Baltimore Bullet
8.It is estimated that Phelps eats around 12,000 calories per day.
9.Michael Phelps is described as a solitary and kind-hearted man
10.He got 8 gold medals in 2008.